John Nimmo – 10th March 2014

Divers: Youri, Chris & Mark

Whilst checking some electronic date from our last magnetic survey of the Ships Graveyard we noticed that the Albert had a larger ‘magnetic footprint’ than the Verulam, which didn’t make sense because the Verulam is twice the size of the Albert. Now of course this could mean nothing at all as it may well be just geo interference, and of course we would assume that who ever found & labelled the Albert the Abert that they would have measured it and used some type of positive ID to decide that they in fact found the Albert and not the Verulam.  None the less we have decided to double check and we had planned on measuring the site which is now called the Albert. However this did not eventuate as our plan to dive the Albert was thwarted by the fact the boat did not have the marks for the site, so it was off to dive the John Nimmo for us,  a very nice dive indeed but we still have the job of measuring the Albert!!