The Links – Saturday 30th August 2014

Divers: George, Geoff, Evie, Gary, Vinnie, Ben, Nick, Andrew, Vikki & Mark

Once again we get great conditions on the dive, diving in 2 teams, although descending as a group, each team has their own plan on what they will do once on the bottom, we divide into our teams & each swim off in our own directions. My team dropped over the wall and down to 30 metres,  then we drift along the Wall in the slight flooding current that is just coming on. This give us a chance to cover quite a bit of territory with little effort, and what great terrain it is!! Plenty of ledges, bommies, swimthroughs and over hangs. Our bottom time is up all too soon and Ben shots a bag, while the rest of the team gather around him, allowing is to stay as a group whilst doing our safety stops. The water temperature is still creeping up and with the great visibility and flat seas we are really getting the best of Melbourne diving at the moment.