Mornington Pier – Saturday 25th June 2016

Divers:  Emma & Mark

We got some strange looks as we kitted up in the car park, as the temperature was about 7 degrees, although it was 11 degrees in the water!! There were some commercial divers doing some work on the pier, checking with them where not to dive we were told they were on the outside, so we had a clear run.  Emma was diving on twins for the first time so our goal was swim to the end of the pier and do some skills. The viz was about 5-6 metres which was surprisingly good considering the rain during the week. I hadn’t been out that far since they extended the pier and I think it’s a much better dive now than it use to be and once the growth comes back it will be fantastic.
Just as we were rounding the rocks at the end of the pier a 6 foot shark swam straight up to me and then swam about 2 feet away from Emma. On our way back, Emma completed her shut downs like a seasoned tech diver, well done Emma. Even the sun come out as were getting changed, then a warm cup of coffee and a bowl of hot chips completed the debrief.