Mornington Pier – Sunday 22nd January 2023

Divers: Seb, James, Push, Youri, Ben, Josh & Mark

Unfortunately today’s graveyard dive has been cancelled, so, not to waste an opportunity, we decide to do a skills dive at Mornington. Technical divers, just like recreational divers, need to maintain their skill level, Mornington Pier is the perfect dive site to update. We had all arrived by 9.00am, & we found carparks, but anyone arriving after 9.00am will struggle to get a park at this time of the year 🙂

The fish life always varies a bit at Mornington & you can never really be sure what you will get on the day, today there seems to be an abundance of small sting rays & a school of Longfin Pike.











Longfin Pike

Sparsely-spotted Stingaree

European Fan Worm