Mornington Pier - Sunday 24th February 2019

Mornington Pier – Sunday 24th February 2019

Divers: John, Di, Youri, Tim, Simon, Spike & Mark

We had a great idea!!, do a dive at Mornington Pier, but it seems every other diver in Melbourne had the same idea. It was hard enough finding some where to swim let alone finding a carpark. But we wanted to brush up on some skills and that was easily achieved but moving away from the pier. John, Di & I did 94 minutes in the water & we could have easily of gone on longer we we wanted to the water some comfortable. The viz wasn’t great, with an ebbing tide and about 50 divers took care of that. As usual lunch dictated dive times & we had to get out of the water just so we didn’t miss lunch. The long range forecast is for another great couple of days diving next weekend!!