Party Point – Saturday 9th April 2016

Divers:  Andrea, Brione, Claudia, Michelle, Anita, Scott, Giullian, Vinnie, Barb, Des & Mark

Great conditions again today as we motored over to the dive site. The swell building outside the Heads meant the surge was more than we would have wanted, however it was still very manageable and we are using our dive technique to use the surge to our advantage.  We had a Port Jackson swim past our group, we also had small Sting Rays, Blue Devils, Cow Fish, Leather Jackets, Old Wives and Magpie Perch. Towards the end of our bottom time we swam out over the edge of the Wall, the view down wall was amazing. Then making our way back to West and away from the shipping channel, we send up our SMB to let the boat know we are on our way back up.