Party Point – Tuesday 1st November 2016

Divers Simon and Des

Among the litter of cancelled dives we timed it well to be on the only dive running for the day. After a trip through 30 knot winds and 2 metre swell our luck continued as we found a sheltered spot to dive on party Point on the Lonsdale Wall. From then on it was perfect training conditions to carry out a 30 metre dive to practice our skills for the Advanced Nitrox course. It wasn’t all work on the dive and we enjoyed a good 30 minutes exploring all the ledges and caverns along the reef even surprising an odd snoozing crayfish or two. Then back to training mode as we carried out a controlled ascent, switching our gas and performing our planned deco stops to top off a successful dive.
PS. The water temperature is up to a barmy 14C now, almost summer diving conditions everyone 🙂

Cheers Des