Popes Eye & Boarfish Reef - Saturday 13th August 2022

Popes Eye & Boarfish Reef – Saturday 13th August 2022

Divers: Lucas, Finn, Matt, Iris & Mark

As if we weren’t excited enough about diving today, but when we stood on the pier at Portsea this morning & we realised how good the conditions were going to be, our excitement peaked. Although the viz at Popes Eye was down a bit due to the swirling sand from the tide around the Eye, otherwise the conditions were perfect. The fish life was abundant & our dive ends all too soon. Then it’s back into the boat & over to Boarfish Reef. Not long into our dive, the tide starts to turn, so we just drift with the gentle flow. There is an amazing amount of Port Jackson sharks, apparently, they are breeding at the moment. How crazy is the weather at the moment, after the dives, I drove back to the dive centre with the sunroof open & sunglasses on, driving home from the dive centre I had the wipers on full & the traffic was down to 85kph – only in Melbourne :).