Popes Eye & Devil’s Drop Off - Saturday 14th November 2015

Popes Eye & Devil’s Drop Off – Saturday 14th November 2015

Divers:  Giullian, Scott, Vinnie, Tony, Lachlan, Steve, Taina, Michael, Thomas, Melissa, Rachel, Patrick, Bert & Mark

We had been following the weather all week, and fortunately for us the weather delivered what it had be promising all week, blue skies, flat seas and 20 metre viz!!   Our dive at Popes Eye was on the Ebb tide which meant diving on the south side and although this side is a slightly smaller dive site it does have more fish life. We were swimming through schools of dozens of fish as we made our around the rock wall. Eventually we make our way up the rock wall to do our safety stop, still with fish teaming all around us. Our dive at Devils Drop Off was similar, once at the bottom of the shot line we make our way over to the Wall, swimming out over the wall we can see down maybe 30 metres or so. This is a spectacular part of the wall and our bottom time ends all too soon, as we make our way up the SMB line we are followed by a huge seal, he stays with us for some time before darting off into the abyss.


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