Pope’s Eye & Devil’s Drop Off - Saturday 11th October 2014

Pope’s Eye & Devil’s Drop Off – Saturday 11th October 2014


Divers: Scott, Richard, Natalie, Scott, Damien, George & Mark

It was with great excitement that we prepared for our first dive at Pope’s Eye, we had discussed during the week what a great dive this can be in the right conditions and today we had just the perfect conditions to make this the dive we were hoping for.

With the tide ebbing we planned to dive the south side of the Eye, and being a Marine Reserve there is always plenty of fish, so we have some White Bait to hand feed the fish. This soon has them swarming around us in a feeding frenzy and after we swim from end to end of the Eye it’s now time to surface and prepare for our next dive. It was slack water as soon as we reached the dive site, so we were straight in to the water and down the shot line. Once we gather our selves at the bottom of the shot line and pair up in our buddies teams, first we swim over to the wall & looking down the wall we stare into the abyss and think of one day being able to drop down the wall to see what the lure of the deep offers to us.  We are still on the end of the ebb tide so we start our swim to the south east and as the tide changes we change our direction to the North West, as the current becomes stronger we are now drifting over the weedy terrain below like we are flying, but we are now coming to the end of our dive time, so we send up our SMB and start our ascent.


Natalie                                                                  Scott                                                                     Richard