Popes Eye & Portsea Hole - Saturday 10th December 2022

Popes Eye & Portsea Hole – Saturday 10th December 2022

Divers: Wayne, Liam, Kely, Gerry, Alejandro, Bert, Tim & Mark

What a great day to be out on the water, the sun is shinning & the water is oily flat. We dived Popes on the Ebb, which is always our preference & of course the fish life was amazing. We did our safety stop hanging around the rocks which allows us to have a bit of look in the cracks & crevices of the rocks which is where all of the action is when diving Popes. On our Portsea Hole dive, we possibly entered the water a little bit too soon, and the tide took wide, which made making the hole difficult, but with a little bit of cunning navigation we did manage to find the ‘wall’ towards the end of or dive, at least we did find it & we did have enough time to check out the drop off, which gave us a very good feel for what deeper diving good be, shooting our SMB this s the end of our dive 🙂