Popes Eye – Saturday 1st April 2017

Divers: Tim, Natalie, Rolando & Mark

After last weeks dives at Rye Pier we felt more than prepared for our boat dives today. Dive conditions were good, with only very slight chop and 19 degrees on the bottom, the viz was down due the sand being swirled around with the strong currents from the massive tides, but apart from that things were good.
We planned to spend some time at Popes Eye just sitting still and watching the fish, as usual there was plenty of action to be had. The tide was ebbing so we swam from one side to other of the south side, once it was time t ascend we followed the rocks up to 5 metres and completed our Safety Stop, on reaching the surface we swam to the current and were gently washed along until our boat could pick us up.