J4 Sub – Sunday 22nd December 2013

Divers: Peter, Sam, Tom, Lachlan, Hamish, Brad, Louise, Keith, Youri, Pete & Mark

I know I’ve said it before – but wow!! It’s been well worth waiting for the good dive conditions. As I put my head under the water to look for the shot line to descend down I can see the sub, so we just descend straight down onto the wreck. Making our way along the top of the sub we first come across the conning tower, the periscope sleeve lying on the sand below. Swimming along the port side we come to the torpedo tubes, then around the bow to the bow ring. The torpedo tubes are clearly visible on the inside as we swim past making our way back to the top of the sub. We end our dive down at the engine room cutout watching as  the surge blows the seaweed first up and out of the opening and then just as forcefully sucks it back down. Our seal on this dive doesn’t hang around quite as long as the last dive, but once again it’s time to ascend.