President Coolidge, Vanuatu - Saturday 22nd June - 6th July 2023

President Coolidge, Vanuatu – Saturday 22nd June – 6th July 2023

Divers: James, Nathan, Ben, Nockers, Peter, Mitchel, Vikki and Mark

Surface crew: Carley, Meg, Nicole & Leo

Once upon a time the largest accessible wreck in the world, the Coolidge has some thing for everyone. Starting in 20metres of water, the bow of the ship offers plenty for the new diver, Cargo Holds 1 & 2 and their contents will take half a dozen dives just to appreciate whats there. Exiting through the Chain Locker will excite the most seasoned of divers. The stern of the ship is in 65meters – there is plenty of very excellent dives in between: The Lady, Engine Room, Galley, ABCD Decks, Cargo Holds 3,4,5,6,7&8, Crows Nest & plenty more. The Pool, that was one of the iconic dives, has now fallen out & lies in the sand – however, what you now get to dive is the bar that was under the pool that no one knew of.
The highlights for the tech diver are the Stern & a dive know as the Gauntlet! Which consists of swimming from Cargo Hold 7 to the Chain Locker at the Bow, swimming the entire dive inside the ship.
Diving the ship is the major focus of the trip, however, it is only one part of the trip. We have all meals together, a most enjoyable time for divers & non divers alike. We also did several day trips – such as Millennium Cave, Champagne Beach & the WW2 Museum. But I think the highlight of the day trips was Dani Island. We travel to the island by small boat, our hosts cooked a suckling pig on the spit, we had plenty of drinks for everyone, swimming in the crystal clear water & we have the entire island to our selves.

It always seems to be the same on dive trips, its not the big things that make the trip, it’s the small things that bring a group of people that have met before, together in to a tight team