Rickett's Point Beaumaris: Wednesday 05th October 2011

Rickett’s Point Beaumaris: Wednesday 05th October 2011

Location: Rickett’s point Beaumaris
Divers: Adrian, Jackson, Ben, Sandy, Phil, Jackson and Mike(Letchy)
Water Temp: 14 C
Visibility:5-7 m
Depth: 5m
Wind: Dead flat calm
When I got the call from Letchy the other day saying that everything looks good for Wednesday I thought, heard that one before. Tides was in so no long works in shallow water, the weather was a light NE and I was able to skip out and take advantage of the conditions. Have a look at the photo, perfect, dead flat and not a breathe of wind, why is it always like this midweek. So we set of from the access ramp about following Mike who had briefed us on were the Port Jacksons would be. After about a 15minute swim Mike headed in under a ledge. emerging with one of the biggest Sothern Fiddlers I have seen. This thing was huge, after sitting it on the sand it hung around and then Mike put it back under the ledge. Not often fish seem so docile but Mike says he often cuddles them as he likes to call it. After another 10 minutes or so he sticks his head under another ledge and gives us the thumbs up and 3 fingers. Easy as that, these guys are hear from September through to November in larger numbers, after this they start to thin out with smaller numbers seen. Mike found another 5 ledges with PJ’s as he calls em under for us to check during the dive. Apart from the PJ’s, huge massive giant Sothern Fiddler ray we also saw a very large eagle ray which are endemic to the area as well. Another interesting experience for the day was eating kelp straight from the sea for the first time. This species we tried I think is called Ulva, apparently you can make sushi rolls and use it is salads and it is amazingly good for you. The results, the first couple of chews taste salty but it actually tasted a bit like lettuce, WEIRD. Stay tuned for more talk on KELP.