Ripbank – Saturday 28th December

Divers: Keith, Louise, Dave,Mark, Vikki, Leo, Louis, Spencer, Richard, Youri, Push, Chris & Mark


Unfortunately our Spectacular Reef dive was cancelled, however this did allow us a chance to dive Ripbank. some groups decided to dive in the shallows and look for crays, others of us has a plan to drop down the wall and do some thing a little bit deeper. Our plan was to do 25 metres for 21 minutes. Rip bank can be avery spectacular dive with dramatic drop-offs, swim throughs and bombies. As always just as we get towards the end of our bottom time, we find a Cuttlefish, Leo gets a few quick snaps off and then its time to go. Warm sunny days means more choice for lunch & sitting in the beer garden of the Rye Hotel the chat is all a buzz about the dive. Here’s hoping summer lasts for a while.