Rotomahana – Sunday 18th May 2014

Divers: Ben, Andrew, Keith, Pete, Tim & Mark

The Rotomahana was an impressive ship, and she is an impressive dive. At 1700 tons she needed some  power on board to drive her, originally fitted with 6 Low Pressure Boilers, later this was changed to 4 Higher Pressure boilers. With her clipper bow and rounded stern and smart lines she had great speed. This was a ship the impressed people on both side of the Tasman and today she still impresses, I’ve seen a diver disappointed after a dive on the Roto, conditions aren’t always great, although we had reasonable conditions yesterday, the lack of sun light at 7.30am made the site dark. Most of the 10 or so divers on board were more than qualified to dive much deeper than the Roto at 39 metres, and certainly they had the gear on board to do so, but for the true wreck diver its about the dive site, not the depth, it’s the history of the ship and the adventure of exploring as we swim from stem to stern looking into very little nook and cranny, under plates etc thinking about what was taking place on board this once proud ship as she sailed the waves of a time gone by.