Royal Beach – Saturday 4th February 2012

Visibility: 10m +                        Water Temperature: 20 Degrees

Divers :Phil, Michael, Tim, Barb, Mark, Vikki

With 27 Degrees at 9:00am, I could think of no other place that I’d rather be than at Mornington overlooking the cool clear waters of Royal Beach. Because we have dived this site once before we knew exactly where we needed to enter the water and in which direction we needed to swim. A great chance for us to practice our orientation skills!! Although there aren’t as many fish here as other sites, the fish here are quite big. The rocky outcrops are home to a healthy variety of sea grasses, soft corals, Sea Urchins and Stingray. This is quite a pretty dive and if you have a torch to shine into the ledges you will see lots of  tiny Oyster Blenny and Crystal Shrimp.  As we got out of the water another group was getting in, and while we were eating lunch at The Royal Hotel opposite we noticed a couple of boats with divers. This seems to be quite a popular site amongst local divers.