Rye Pier – Saturday 16th January 2021

Divers: Josh, Ben, Youri, Giullian, Simon, Christian, James, Sebastien, Nathan & Mark   

Apart from nearly blowing us off the pier as we walked out, the 30 knot south/westerly had a savage chill to it!! However, given we are in the lee, the dive conditions are excellent!! The water temp is 19 degrees & the viz 5 metres.

Several other diver teams choice not to dive which turned out to be a shame for them. The school of Australian Salmon are still hanging around, and there are plenty of other fish about as well.

Perhaps an omen for the good dive conditions are in a ‘Message In a Bottle’ found my Nathan :).



Almost ideal conditions 🙂

The new Low Landing a hit!!

Maybe a ‘Treasure’ map?