Rye Pier – Saturday 25th November 2017

Divers: Coner, Tim, Thomas, Josh, Paul, Ross & Mark

Dive conditions were perfect as we entered the water to start our dives, a slight current on the ebb tide, but the viz was amazing. The giant Bull Ray was swimming beneath us as we completed our buoyancy checks and prepared for our dive. The place to prepare and descend at Rye Pier (and all other piers as well) is the opposite side of the jetty to the Low Landing. The Low Landing is designed to allow boats to access the pier. Diving next to the Low Landing is extremely dangerous as this is where boats of all types dock. Dive Charter boat skippers are accustom to looking for bubbles in the water, however, the casual fisherman, who possible only uses his boat a couple of times a year, would not have a clue about divers in the water. It is important that all divers understand that piers are shared areas and that we as divers are fortunate to have such jetties to dive around. We must all avoid diving where boats require access to the jetty, obviously it is easier to enter/exit the water where the Low Water has a ladder or easy access to the water, however, it is imperative that you stay at the surface while transiting to & from the ladder etc.