Rye Pier – Sunday 9th January 2022

Divers: Megan, Isla, Olivia, Andrea, Callum & Mark

Walking down the pier this morning and looking at just how lovely the environment  at Rye Pier is, I thought to myself how lucky am I that this is my office. 🙂

We spent all afternoon in the pool yesterday learning the skills that we needed to successfully complete our dives today & spending this time has paid off in spades. Both dives went really well & I’m sure next weekend will go well for us to finish off.

Fishermen on the pier were telling us about a couple of seals that had been hanging around, unfortunately we didn’t get to see the seals but its very refreshing to know they are about. We did see plenty of fish life & we even had a Blue Ring Octopus visit us at the end our second dive.  



Another day in paradise!!