SHB Batman – Sunday 21st April 2013

Divers: Mike, Peter, Brenden, Paul, Youri & Mark

Always a favourite dive, the Batman never fails to impress not only those diving her for the first time but also the seasoned wreck diver having dived it many times before. There is a definite lack of ambient light today but we still have about 15metres if viz. We were the last group off a baot that was packed to the gunnels with equipment & most of the other divers have started their ascent as we arrive on the wreck, our 20 minute bottom time gives us just enough time to make the swim from the stern all the way to the bow, thus being able to cover all the main features of this wreck, the stern, distinct boiler, bow & of course the gun mounts at the bow as well. As with most wrecks there are always a few crayfish to be seen and this time Andy Barton has actually left one behind which I have the good fortune to be able to secure for dinner. There are 5 or 6 wrecks in the 45metre range – this one alone makes the training worthwhile.