SHB Fawkner – Sunday 4th November 2012

Divers:   Puspendu, Youri, Tim, Chris, Brenden, Darren & Mark

For the past 5 years now we have working on a project to identify the ships that make up Victoria’s world famous Graveyard, it is in an effort to stop the confusion amongst  technical divers as to which ship is which. From time to time we dive the different sites to film, measure, map & record the various sites in an effort to get positive identification of the ship which lies at the bottom of the sea. This is not something Aquability can do alone, there have been many others over the years that have helped out on this project. Dive Victoria have been over generous in allowing us to change their dive schedule to suit the project, we have been allowed the luxury of getting boat drivers to sound over unknown sites so we can measure the depths in anticipation of diving. This has truly been a Dive Industry effort. Last Sunday we dived the site which has been known as the Fawkner for many years. We are now able to confirm that in fact this is not the Fawkner, although we do not know what it is – we do know what it isn’t. Stay tuned as this mystery is about to unfold!!!