Sir William McPherson - Saturday 14th June 2014

Sir William McPherson – Saturday 14th June 2014

Divers: Keith, Tim, Youri, Ben, Pete, Chris & Mark

We had planned to dive the Capana, however shipping meant we had to change dive sites. At a similar depth of 54metres the Sir Willy Mac was the perfect stand in dive. Built in Holland in 1912, she did not have a much of a career before being scuttled in 1949. Not much to look at as a ship, even in her glory days, she had that workhorse like appearance  of course today she does make for a fine wreck dive, with plenty to see, her ‘cutting blades’ protruding from the bow always seem to catch the divers interest and at the stern the steering quadrant is still in place. One unique feature is the toilet bowl still bolted to the main deck.