Spot G – Sunday 24th March 2013

Divers: Mike, Peter & Mark

We had planned to do 2 dives today however with the way the weather has been we were just happy that we managed to get the a dive in. The water looked a deep blue colour & being at the end of a flood tide the viz was the best we could hope for, about 8-10 metres. The shot was about 20 metres from the wall, our planned depth was 32 metres & after just a short swim we were dropping over the edge. I think anywhere between Spot G & North Wall Corner is all very similar and all very good diving. The ledge that we were on must have been a good one as we had another diver stop right in the middle of group, but we managed to get our skills done by swimming around him. The ledges & swim throughs here are amazing & once the ebb current came on we drifted with it covering  some great terrain. The water temperature is still around the 18-20 degrees so now’s a great time to get out have that dive you’ve been thinking about.