Sth Channel Fort & Party Point - Monday 13th June 2016

Sth Channel Fort & Party Point – Monday 13th June 2016

Divers:   Andrew, Billy, Bat-Mai & Mark

The weather was a bit of a mix bag this weekend. With some dives being cancelled on Saturday & Sunday we were fortunate enough to get out today. The rain from last week has had all but destroyed the viz, at least the seas were flat. With an Ebb tide we dived the south side of the Fort, we swam as far east as we could before the current was starting to strengthen. Drifting back to the west we complete our safety stops at the jetty, still plenty to see around the pylons. Our second dive is Party Point, always a spectacular dive, even the poor viz didn’t detract from this dive. Making our way out over the wall, we have all sorts of ledges and swim throughs to see, once our time is up we swim back over the top of the wall and make our ascent. Winter often brings the best of the visibility, unfortunately today was not the case, but apart from the viz the diving was still good and it wont be long before the water starts to warm up!!