Sth Channel Fort & Portsea Hole - Saturday 8th February 2020

Sth Channel Fort & Portsea Hole – Saturday 8th February 2020

Divers:  Paul, Caroline, Pia, Mick, Evan, Russell, Sam, Jeremie & Mark


Our dive sites today where left very ‘open ended’, with strong south easterlies our choices were limited. We needed to find some where that was save to dive, however, some where that still challenged the students. In consultation with Isaac, our boat skipper, I think we got it just about right. Sth Channel Fort was an exciting dive, we managed to get to underneath the jetty, as usual the fish life here was amazing. The currents were challenging, however it did put us in good stead for our Portsea Hole dive. The Portsea Hole dive was as good as always, we were dropped at the western edge of the hole and swam almost the full length of the wall before the tide turned. At this point we drifted up and over the wall, here we (Pia) still managed to find a very large Bull Ray lying on the bottom. 


The amazing terrain of Sth Channel Fort

Paul & Caroline – with Russell in the fore ground.

Sea Star



Soft Sponge