Tommy Dodd – Sunday 20th March 2022

Divers:  Ben, Youri, Chris, Ian, Liam & Mark

Surface support: Justin

I’d be looking forward to this dive for some time now, although not looking forward to the 2&1/2 hour boat tow to St Leonards boat ramp. 🙂 This site was only located a couple of years ago (by PT from the MAAV) & I haven’t had an opportunity to dive the site before. As apart of our ongoing photogrammetry project (this is our third site now), this was the next target that we had been requested to complete. Site conditions were not great, making getting good photos difficult, however, the subject matter was extremely interesting & very historical with some really great artefacts to be enjoyed. Which is exactly why wreck divers love diving wrecks – which leaves me wondering why some of the best dives in Australia are stripped of their most valuable, not $$$ wise but interest wise, assets.