TSS Coramba – Sunday 14th October 2012

Divers:   Martin, Steve, George, Yourie, Chris & Mark
Surface Crew: Justin, Brenden, Push, Dazza & Terry

Some days it just all works out, flat seas, blue sky, no current and 30 metre visibility!!
We had 2 jobs to get done, Marty’s job was to establish the final command on the Engine Room Repeater (Telegraph), mine was, locate the life boat davits. With both teams being able to complete their objective within the one dive made us very happy. Although my team did not find the actual davits we were able to locate the blocks (Pulley’s) from the davit. Our shot line was at the stern and this made the dive even more enjoyable as from about 25-30 metres we could see the stern of the ship sitting on her port side 30 metres below us. We had to swim past the props on our way through so this was a good opportunity for a photo of the boys & then it was off to work. We found the blocks but could not locate the davits – however it is the blocks that provide us with the required information so this is a good result. This is Chris & Yourie’s first dive on the ship which ‘they helped find’ this made the dive special for everyone. Marty has just returned from Adelaide where he spent 3 hours interviewing Norma, Captain Dowling’s daughter. I’m sure Marty would have had a very emotional thought for her as he visited the site of her father’s grave.

Photos courtesy of Steve Cartlidge.


Only 70 minutes to go!