Wareatea – Sunday 11th November 2012

Divers:  Puspendu, Darren, Youri, Mick & Mark

In our quest to find the Fawkner we have dived several sites over the past 12 months, sometimes with measuring tapes sometimes with cameras and sometimes armed with simple information, but we are yet to find the elusive Fawkner (although I think I have it worked out now 🙂 ). Last Sunday we dive a set of marks that I have had for quite a while although it’s been over 15 years since I dived this site, from my notes I thought this might be the Fawkner. It was a site that Dive Victoria did not have in the GPS so it was a very excited boat load of divers that ventured out early on this beautiful sunny day, the first piece of good news we had was that there was actually a wreck at the marks- that took a bit pressure of me to come up with the goods. The bad news was it was not the Fawkner, but the good news is, it was the Wareatea. What makes this such an exciting dive is that most of the ships in the graveyard are dredges of one sort or another, but the Wareatea was a passenger/ cargo ship that has a lot more to see than most other graveyard ships. With the fantastic diving conditions we are still experiencing at the moment we once again had dead flat seas, no current and 40 metre (yes 40metre see my video) viz. Although we did not find the Fawkner every diver on the boat was excited about the new dive site that DV now have on their list, I bet it comes up quite a bit on the schedule now that those on board know just how good a dive the Wareatea is!!