Wills – Saturday 24th November

Divers – Brenden,Chris E, Chris G and Youri.

As per usual, yours truly was running late. The boys were getting a bit toey by the time I arrived as I had the plan. A well laid plan of course which I proceeded to fill the boys in on. The boat left on time – yes, nobody was waiting because of me! We proceeded out to the grave yard on a sea that was very similar to the previous weekend when we dived the Edward Northcote. The Wills has frequently been on the dive Vic schedule but for some reason or another it always seemed to get cancelled. The stars where in alignment as we finally got to dive the Wills and the vis, as it has been for the past month was again extraordinary at around 30m plus. I never sighted the shot during the descent but didn’t worry as I could see my buddies well below me and most of the other divers on the bottom from about 15m. The Wills was a hopper barge and it sits upright and mostly intact. Although as we all noted the prop was missing. Lots of places to enter beckon on a return dive. Plenty of crays also indicated the wreck is rarely dived. However, they proved elusive. Tricky little buggers! Chris G and Youri were on there first dive as newly qualified Normoxic trimix divers. Both boys are in love with the voodoo gas now as it makes a huge difference at this depth.
Well done boys. A great dive followed by an excellent BLT and coffee rounded off a great morning. You should have been there!