Batman – 1st September 2013

Divers: Paul, Tim, Brett, George, Push and Youri

Spring has started! After all the bad weather of the last months, the conditions finally looked good. In preparation of identifying the Fawkner we started by doing some research on the Batman, sister ship of the Fawkner. The main focus areas were to measure the ship and to get some footage of the hopper area. We dived in two teams of 3, Paul, Brett and Tim went down to measure the ships length as a practice for when we do the Fawkner, while George, Push and myself were focussing on filming the hopper area. Although it was a bit rough getting on and off the boat, the conditions at 45m were really good, and the visibility was really good compared to what we had to endure over the last months. I think we had around 15m viz. Pauls team successfully measured the ships length while my team got some good footage of the hopper area. Overall a great success and good exercise for the work to come on the other wrecks!
Oh, almost forgot, there was plenty of fish life as well  😉