Blairgowrie Jetty - Sunday 4th January 2015

Blairgowrie Jetty – Sunday 4th January 2015

Divers: Michael, Rachael, Max, Stina, Norm, Darren, Liam, Peter & Mark

With the party goers still sleeping off the night before we had empty roads and a great run down to the dive site. The car park was also still empty at 9.00am, although, with such great dive conditions it starting filling fast. Strong Northerly’s the day before had had little impact on diving conditions, the fish live was as rich as ever with Sting Rays & Banjo Sharks swimming amongst us, the Puffer Fish hiding in and around the pillions, nudibranches and plenty more. By the time we had finished our two dives there were now plenty of divers about, which was fortunate for the yatchy who lost his glasses overboard. For some of our group this was their first time at Blairgowrie but with such an exciting dive I’m sure it wont be their last.