Mornington Pier - Sunday 21st December 2014

Mornington Pier – Sunday 21st December 2014

Divers: Michael, Tony, Ian & Mark

The thing about Aquability divers is that they always want to improve their diving – I think that’s a great thing! Time under the water is the way to improve your technique, practicing the things that you are not good at, not the skills that you are already good at, too many divers practice what they are comfortable doing and that’s good for muscle memory and reflex but it doesn’t improve your all round skills. Tony & I only move 10 metres from where we started, Ian & Michael were a bit more adventurous and journeyed to the outside of the jetty. Two hours and two hundred bar later we had not seen much but we had certainly achieved a lot. Plenty of bottles to be found still, with my collection growing to a point where I’ll have to move them off the shop counter – maybe I’ll build a bottle rack in the move to the new shop after xmas. Of course lunch at The Rocks finishes off a great days diving :).