Blairgowrie Pier 20th November 2011

[scrollGallery id=9]My first free day in a while so I grabbed my camera and headed down to Blairgowrie Pier for a dive. Accompanied by a group of ten from Aquability we set of with Camera’s fully charged and and strobes ready. Entering the water immediately in the sea grass we found pipefish and the little fish that I have never seen before that cling to the grass. Moving down the pier it was bit quiet today. No stargazer, no angler. A came across an octopus in the bottle(always check bottles on dive they make great home for these guys). As we continued down the pier we spotted lots more things but not as many as usual. It must been a bit quiet on the day coz I made it to the end f the pier, this is a rare thing for me. On reaching the end of the pier I saw a large fiddler ray in the sand. It was feeding on something, had its back arched and lots of sand everywhere. I managed to get a pic and it was eating a flathead, the pics not that great but you get the drift. Whilst I may be getting a bit spoilt unless we see cool stuff. The guys I dived with went off and loved the dive. The word night dive has been floated so now that’s our next dive.

Anyone up for a night dive????? contact me