Boarfish Reef – 22nd June 2013

Divers: Julie & Mark

While the others went off for lunch Julie & I decided that with such good conditions we were going to do another dive, John L had told me that he had dropped his Sport HD camera at Boarfish Reef the previous weekend, with DV running a dive there today we decided to get on board & see if we could help out looking for John’s camera. Of course the odds of ever finding anything dropped in a current are very remote, but there did seem to be enough divers here to cover every bit of ground in the bay. Some VSAG divers were on site also looking for the camera so we decided we would use their shot line thus giving us the best possible chance of a find. With the tail end of the flood still running we drifted north & then the tide turned & we drifted south we were now covering a lot of ground however I’m sure we are heading away from where the camera would be, although we didn’t find the camera we sure did have a great dive. Upon surfacing we were given the good news that the camera had in fact been found!!