J4 Sub – 23rd June 2013

Divers: Youri, Pete, Puspendu & Mark

It was a very full boat that drove out to the J4 Sub, however the conditions were just as good as yesterday & if the viz is as good yesterday we are in for a great dive. We are the last team off the boat & we were diving as a team of 4 and by the time we get to enter the sub everyone else has been & gone, so we have it all to our selves. With a 30 minute bottom time we take a good look around as swim through the sub, eventually coming out at the stern, through the Crews Quarters.  We then swam back along the sub all the way to the Bow Ring before running out of time and having to start our ascent. If only my new camera would arrive I’d love to be getting some footage of the sub in such incredible visibility!!