Canberra & J4 Sub - Saturday 13th April 2024

Canberra & J4 Sub – Saturday 13th April 2024

Divers: Matt, Tyler & Mark

Our dives were planned for Saturday, however, the weather dictated that we dive on Sunday – some times you just have top roll with the waves. We dived the Canberra first, aw usual it was surgy & the viz was not great, but it was certainly OK for what we wanted. The boat was full & that showed on the wreck its self, finding a quiet spot to yourself was difficult. We completed our planned bottom time and then shot our SMB to start the ascent. There was quite a bit of surge but not much current to talk & we surfaced not all that far from thee shot line. Next we dived the J4 Sub, much less surgy & possibly slightly better viz, although no less crowded on the bottom. We did a circuit of the sub checking the main features & finishing at the stern just in time to send up the SMB & start our ascent.