Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania - Thursday 28th March - 1st April 2024

Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania – Thursday 28th March – 1st April 2024

Divers: Youri, Ben, Chris, Liam, Seb, Nath, Matt, James, Gary, Leo, Tim, Lisa & Mark

Surface support: Denise, Susan & Vikki

Once again the Aquability mob descended onto Eaglehawk Neck for our annual Easter dive trip. For some, it was their first time, others have been here many times before, but it doesn’t matter many times you’ve been here, the diving is always spectacular.
Diving the Cathedral Caves & the wreck of the Nord are always a highlight, but also the wall dives such as Deep Glen Bay & Pattersons Arch are a must to do. For our deep tekkies the wreck of the Tasman is their goal, with unpredictable currents that run up to 8-9 knots, diving the Tasman takes having a lot of luck on your side. It’s been six years since I last able to dive the Tasman, due to the currents, but luck was on my side this year & I was able to get two dives on the wreck, unheard of over the past 20 years. With almost perfect dive conditions everyone managed to get to do the dives they wanted to do, which makes for a very happy dive crew :).
For those with some left over annual leave, it’s off down the Tasman Peninsular for some hiking or over to Hobart for a few days or R&R. For those with out the leave, it’s back on the ferry Monday night & back to work on Tuesday.


SS Tasman



Steam Engine

Bottle standing in the sand

Lots of bottles!

Another bottle standing in the sand.