Canberra /J4 Sub - Saturday 21st October 2023

Canberra /J4 Sub – Saturday 21st October 2023

Divers: Paul, Kim, Leo, Josh & Mark

It was hard to pick, exactly, what the weather was going to do this weekend. DV moved our dive two hours earlier just to make sure we missed the afternoon winds. That didn’t impress us all that much at the time, however, as always, it paid off in spades with the dive conditions we had. The seas were flat, with a very gentle rolling swell, 15m plus viz & not all that much surge on the bottom. The Canberra always seems to be the site that is most affected by swell, but even the Canberra was fine to swim through with little impact of surge.
Diving the J4 Sub was one of the best dives I’ve had on the sub in a long time, having the time to cruise through the sub at our leisure was a real treat. The early start really did pay off, the wind picked up in the afternoon, to the point that the bike gran prix was brought forward by a day to avoid the winds.