Canberra & J4 Sub – Sunday 23rd July 2023

Divers: Calvin, Ian & Mark

It may still be winter and sure it’s a bit cooler in the water, however, this is the absolute best time to dive. No traffic on the road, plenty of parking, the boats are not very crowded and the viz is always great! The water temperature has increased 2 degrees over the past few weeks :).
Surprisingly the surge on the Canberra wasn’t too bad, too much to penetrate the wreck, but very comfortable swimming around the outside. Sometimes the simplest of dives are the best. The J4 sub is a crowd favourite, the slop at the surface was mainly wind chop & didn’t really have a lot of effect down at 27 meters. With 10m viz (thanks winter) this was the perfect dive for photography & having Ian Scholey in the team means we are always going to get some amazing photos.