Canberra & J4 Sub - Sunday 27th November 2022

Canberra & J4 Sub – Sunday 27th November 2022

Divers: Pete, Liam, Kane, Guy, Seb, Bas, Tim & Mark

yesterdays good conditions gave us a little bit of hope that today could also be good, but knowing that todays sites are closer to the heads had us slightly concerned. The Canberra is always dirty & surgy, however today wasn’t too bad, the surge was slight, the viz was down but still ok. We knew this, so we kept our bottom time to a minimum on this site to give us maximum bottom time on our second dive. Our second dive was the J4 Sub, with slightly less surge & slightly better viz as always, this should always be your first choice when doing under 30m wreck dives. Hopefully things are on the mend in regard to dive conditions & we’ll soon be back to normal.