Castle Rock – Saturday 16th January 2016

Divers:  Trevor, Jan, Phill, Liz, Peter, Ian, Vikki, Mark Robbo, George, Barb & Mark

Always an interesting site to dive, Castle Rock was once again a great dive. The conditions were good and our teams all had their dive plans sorted out and were ready to go. For a few of us that hadn’t been in the water for while it was the perfect dive to ease back into it. The new gear we were trying out seemed successful, over all I think everyone was quite please with themselves after this dive. This site although not large seems to handle the larger groups well, swimming in an anti clockwise direction we see most of the other divers but only the once and only for a short while. With lots of cracks and over hangs to investigate you just never know what you are likely to find fossicking around. We (Barb) found several Weedy Sea Dragons, which made me think about the past week that I had spent in Tassie, we had several over seas groups of divers in just to see the Weedy Sea Dragons – I didn’t have the heart to tell some of the photographers that were able to find 3 or 4 Dragons that a dive under Flinders Pier will get you 3 or 4 dozen and at a depth of 4 meters you can stay there all day with your camera!!