Wareatea – Saturday 16th January 2016

Divers:  Ben, Youri, Push, Spike & Mark

Dive conditions over the past 12 months have been excellent, we have had plenty of days where the water is flat, the viz is excellent and the weather has been kind to us. Todays dive is possibly the best we’ve had!! The weather was warm with out being hot, the sea had about a 1/2 a metre of slow rolling swell and the viz, well the viz had to be 40m plus. As we entered the water I could see the shot line for about 30 metres at least, once I was at 15 metres I could see the bottom. Not just the white tanks of the divers and not just the dark shape of the wreck but the actual sand on the bottom!! I could certainly see every diver on the wreck & identify who they were. The only negative was the thermocline at 40 metres, once we dropped below 40m the water temperature dropped by about 3-4 degrees, however it was nice coming up through it on the ascent, it felt like stepping into a warm bath. Liam, a visitor from Sydney commented ‘this is as good a diving as you get anywhere’ of course we replied ‘you should have been here last week’.