Coogee and J4 Sub - Saturday 29th December 2018

Coogee and J4 Sub – Saturday 29th December 2018

Divers: Kimberley, Kate, Mike, Melissa, Gary, Andrew, Leo, Foti, Christian, Anton, Josh, Simon, Spike, Youri, Ben and Mark

Melissa came down from Sydney to see what Melbourne wreck diving is all about – and WOW did we deliver in Spades. Oily flat seas, 35m viz and a very comfortable 16 degrees in the water. We dived the Coogee first, the shot line was forward of the boilers so we swam to the bow and then made our way back to the stern. Finishing our dive swimming around the stern and the steering gear. Our dive on the J4 was just a good, this time starting at the stern and finishing at the bow. The conning tower is covered in fish as usual, we then move to torpedo tubes on the outside, the bow ring and then we swim around to the break and check out the torpedo tubes on the inside. Then back up on top of the sub to send up our SMB and start our ascent. This is possibly the best conditions we have dived in all year, but of course we didn’t tell Mel that – we sent here back to NSW thinking it is like this every week.     🙂


Coogee Bow


Mel and Kate


Torpedo Tubes

View of Sub, from the 5 metre stop.