Rye Pier & Elsa’s Reef - Sunday 6th January 2019

Rye Pier & Elsa’s Reef – Sunday 6th January 2019

Divers: Pete, Ellie, Isobel, Tom, Pete, Omar, Marco, La’el  and Mark

Once again we had a cunning plan, and that was to start a little earlier so that we would beat the crowd, that would obviously be coming with such great weather this weekend. What we didn’t plan on, was the 5000 people coming to Rye Pier for the Blessing of the Water!!!   Anyway, the dives were unbelievable, great viz, warm water, Bull Rays, hundreds of Australian Salmon (that wouldn’t leave us alone) and a quick trip out to Elsa’s reef just for the hell of it. The 5000 people who were on the pier as we climbed the ladder at the end of dive did think watching us was entertaining whilst they waited for their priest to throw the cross, all I could think of was please god don’t let me fall off the ladder with all of these mobile phones rolling!!