Coogee – Sunday 19th May 2013

Divers: Justin, Vinnie, Rodney, Keith, Louise, Simon, Mike & Mark

Unfortunately our dives on Saturday were cancelled due to the weather, however Sunday wasn’t as bad, and we manage a couple of dives in conditions that were not all that bad. Our first dive was the Coogee, with 15 metre viz we were very happy, because we had heard that dives during the week had only 5 metres maximum. We swam aft along the starboard side of the wreck until we reached the stern, here we swam around the rudder and up onto the aft deck where the steering quadrant still sits in tact. Then we swim towards the huge boilers that are so distinctive on the Coogee. This would normally be the end of bottom time however our EAN32 gives us an extended bottom time which allows us to reach the bow and still get back to the shot line with a few minutes to spare.