Coramba – Saturday 11th May 2013

Divers: Chris, Push, Youri, Ben, Danny & Mark
Surface Crew: Tim & Mick

With the last couple of dives being cancelled due to weather it was certainly well worth the wait for today. Light Northerlies & the sun was shining as we headed for our dive site, the dive conditions could not have been better. After having egg & bacon rolls for breakfast we prepared our gear for the dive, we dived in 2 teams with my team diving last. The first team were just leaving the bottom as we descended down past them. The visibility was about 25-30 metres although the low ambient light required torches for the entire dive. I found a porthole which I hadn’t seen before, to me, it always makes the dive really worthwhile when we are adding to the pool of knowledge about the wreck site. The dive went well with everyone achieving what they had set out to do, when it was time to ascend we needed to move the shot line from under the wreck which the current had dragged. Once we started to ascend we has 2 seals swimming around us and they stayed with us for the entire 95 minutes of deco.