Coogee- Sunday 7th January 2018

Divers: Matt, Josh, Anton, Craig & Andrew
There were mixed reports about the conditions that we were to expect this morning so we were hopeful but not very optimistic that we were going to see the Coogee today. Especially considering todays earlier dives were already cancelled. But luck was our side and the conditions were quite good. Crossing the Heads was a bit bumpy but there rest of the boat ride to our dive site was pretty comfortable. 
As we started our descent we knew we were  in for a treat. The viz was about 12 meters so we were going to see a lot of wreck. 
We had a few skills to do as we neared the bottom but soon enough we were exploring the Coogee. We swam around until we reached our bottom time then we ascended as a group, excited about our first wreck dive and looking forward to our next.