Coogee – Sunday 9th November 2014

Divers: Rod & Mark

The strong northerly of yesterday has swung to the south and with the ebb tide the short waves are standing up 2 plus metres, but its only for a short distance as we transit The Heads. Once outside the water flattens out and the conditions are good. The viz is about 20 metres and although there is a bit of current on the bottom it’s very manageable. Rod & I are the first two divers in the water and for the first minute or so we have the wreck to our selves, the shot line is right on the boilers (as it usually is on the Coogee, apart from the stern this the only part that really stands up). We swim from the boilers straight to to the stern, I wanted to shoot some video of the stern and to get it too our selves was a chance too good to turn up. We then drift south towards the bow, all the divers are down now and there doesn’t seem to any to go with out having to swim around someone. As we ascended the shot line a continuos stream of bubbles engulfed us from the divers below until we finally reach the surface, the end to a really great dive.